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Crazy Horse Too Closes 
9/10/06, 3:11 AM
It is official. After the club's liquor license was revoked, it stopped serving alchol, but started again when the lawyers got involved. After a judge's ruling, the club stopped serving again and officially shut down.

The club is claiming that the city is revoking the license to devalue the land, which the city plans on purchasing in upcoming years to widen the road. The city denies the claim.

Whatever is true, the club is closed. Stick with Scores and Club Paradise for now. And don't let the cabbie convince you to go to Diamonds or Sheri's.

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Crazy Horse Too Loses Its Liquor License 
9/8/06, 6:05 AM
Losing a liquor license for a gentleman's club is the same as closing it down. When Treasure's lost their license a couple years back, it shut down overnight.

Hopefully the club will be sold and a new owner will reopen. I think it would be a perfect franchise opportunity for a Penthouse Club or a Hustler Club. Both brand names with successful clubs in other parts of the country. Look what the Scores franchise did for Jaguar's.

So, take the Crazy Horse off the top 10, for now.

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The Sportsbook at Stardust will be missed 
9/6/06, 8:12 PM
Boyd Gaming announced the Stardust will close on November 1st. Demolition of the buildings will begin in the first quarter of 2007 to make way for the new Echelon Place. It will take 3 years to build with a schedule opening of early 2010. It will change the entire dynamics of the north Strip with a total of 5,300 rooms and a massive convention center.

While the Stardust is definitely not in the Little Black Book’s Top 10 place for guys to stay, it does have one attribute that is important: The Sportsbook

The Stardust Sportsbook is the center of the sports gambling universe. The lines for all the games are first posted there. If the lines are different than what the gambling pros think, big action is placed on the game. This makes the Stardust managers adjust the lines, thinking that there is information out there about the game that they did not consider. Once the line settles down at the Stardust, all the other Vegas casinos post the line.

The sportsbook may not as comfortable or savvy as the new MGM or Mandalay Bay sportsbook. But what is lacks in quality, it makes up in character. It will be missed. Stop by during football season to check it out before its too late.
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Monorail Expansion Details 
8/29/06, 6:26 PM
Most of these details aren't exactly new, has had the monorail route mapped out for a while.

Some things that have changed:

- Sands Expo will get an entrance from the existing Harrah's terminal. Anybody that has been to a major convention there knows..this is badly needed.

- The loop from the Fashion Show to the Sahara terminal has been scrapped. This makes for a long trip if you want to cross the strip - the only place the monorail will cross is by the Tropicana/Excalibur. So you will have to ride all the way down there and go up the Strip from the other side.

- A focus shift to convention business. This is the first time that monorail executives have really talked about all the convention buisness, not just The Las Vegas Convention Center. Sands and Mandalay (and the future Echelon) do big time business and have tons of daytime visitors.

Click Here for the Story from the Las Vegas Review Journal
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Review Journal interviews the monorail boss 
8/22/06, 1:37 AM
Since monorail, taxis and buses are Vegas hot topics now, the LVRJ interviewed the monorail kingpin, Curtis Myles III.

The article makes a point that the monorail is not the end-all-be-all solution to the traffic in Vegas. It just part of a bigger solution.

I am always saying even though it is not perfect, Vegas is a better place with the monorail than without it.
Excerpt from the article:

Question: So why isn't it working now?

Answer: You have to go back and look at the reasoning why this system was going to exist, which was that it was going to connect to the convention center and seven resort venues.

The resorts were going to promote the system. The backers of the system were going to develop a relationship with the conventions to sell them bulk tickets. There was going to be a substantial amount of marketing to potential visitors of Las Vegas to make them aware of the monorail.

None of those things happened. The only thing that happened was the thing got built.

Click Here to Read the Full Interview in the LVRJ
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Bus Lane Down the Middle of the Strip 
8/19/06, 3:09 AM
I hate the idea of an express bus lane down the middle of the Strip. Taking out the big palm trees just sounds like an ugly idea and every place I have seen "express buses", they always don't live up the hype.

I would rather see the Strip turn into one big "walking street", with no cars or buses. Then add some moving sidewalks down the middle of strip instead of the bus lane.

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Riviera. The Next Bidding War Begins 
8/9/06, 5:43 PM
The deal looked done. A $17 per share agreement by Riv Holdings (an investment group that includes Starwoods Hotel chain founder Barry Sternlicht, Las Vegas developer Brett Torino and Chicago developer Neil Bluhm.)

But in the 11th-hour, another bid came in at $20 per share from a private group called International Gaming and Entertainment.

We will have to wait and watch on how the story unfolds. The Riviera has an excellent location, with property that borders both the Strip and Paradise Road. It also has close proximity to the Las Vegas Convention Center.

There is no word from either group on what they want to do with the property. I doubt they have any plans to blow it soon. It would be better to keep the joint running to generate cash, and wait as the surronding area develops. Then sell it off as the property value goes up.

For the full story from the LVRJ, click here.
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How Bad Does Harrahs Want the Barbary? 
8/7/06, 3:47 AM
From Inside Gaming in the Las Vegas Review Journal.

Interesting arguments on on how Boyd is holding all the cards with the Barbary. Click for here for the article.

"Sources who seem to know say Boyd Gaming Corp. is in no hurry swap the Barbary Coast plus cash for the Westward Ho site. First, Boyd's Strip site in the middle of Harrah's Entertainment's two-block stretch of Strip hotel-casinos is plenty big enough for a Cosmopolitan-type development, and could piggy-back on Harrah's soon-to-be announced redevelopment plans. Second, Boyd does not need the Westward Ho land. If developed for condominiums, they'd benefit Echelon Place greatly. And if left fallow, Boyd could pick the land up without the middleman. That's probably why we hear negotiations between Boyd and Harrah's, which is said to have options on the Westward Ho property, aren't going well. Still, company officials say to watch for an announcement, maybe this week."
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A New Condo Project I Believe 
8/2/06, 4:10 AM

"THEplace", a Mandalay Bay looking tower, is the a new condo project on the board for MGM Mirage. It is going to wedged in the land on the front right corner of the Luxor Property, right accross the street from the THEhotel and the original Manadaly Tower.

This project makes sense, bringing more players to the Mandalay and Luxor properties. According to the article, the project timeline is a little far out - a project for post Project City Center.

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Visitors Get Smarter When Dealing with Taxis 
7/31/06, 3:38 AM
Vegas Visitors are getting smarter and they are not going to put up with the Taxi Driver scams. An interesting story in this Sunday's Las Vegas Review Journal.

I still recommend to rent a car if you are going to be traveling around the city a lot, but more importantly, stay at a hotel that is central to your activites. That way you can simply walk from place to place. This eliminates many of the headaches that taxi driver's cause.

Click Here for the Full Story from the LVRJ
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