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Louie, Louie 
1/29/06, 11:04 PM
Vegas Little Black Book Radio Show not enough Vegas radio for you? Well I was listening to the radio today and stumbled across Casino Talk with Louie Anderson. Yes, that Louie Anderson.

The guy certainly knows a lot about Vegas, having worked the showrooms there for two decades, and I have to say the show is pretty good. Sure, Louie's Vegas is probably a bit different from the average guy's. I'm sure he hasn't seen a bill for his hotel room or meals in since the early 80s.

He does seem to know a lot about gambling.
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Radio Show - Week 3 Available 
1/27/06, 4:44 AM
Week three's show is now available - Click Here for Archived Show .

Week 3 Recap
With All Nite Mike on assignment, David deMontmollin and David Benjamin discuss gambling in Las Vegas and the current state of gentleman's clubs.

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The Newest New Frontier 
1/24/06, 6:57 AM

The New Frontier announced its plans for the future. A $2 billion resort to open in 2009 or 2010. The resort will have a 62-story tower with 2,057 standard rooms, 699 suites and 12 super suites. It will also have a 485-foot high Ferris wheel.

The closing of the current New Frontier is reported to be in 2007, extended from the previously reported spring of 2006. It looks like Gilley's, the country bar, will be around for another National Finals Rodeo in December 2006.

The Ferris wheel is a question. The Westward Ho rebuild also has plans for a large Ferris wheel. Completing Ferris wheels on the Strip? It is hard to believe. Three years ago, the Rio announced it would build a Ferris wheel, but it fell through because of financial reasons. There is a high probability that one or both of the new proposed Ferris wheels will never be built.

Click Here for the Full Story in the Las Vegas Sun
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Sapphire Club Update - Up for Auction 
1/21/06, 8:38 PM

Going once, going twice, and sold for the low low price of $35 million. They say the club is up for bid because of a dispute between two owners. But, if business was good and the money flowing, then everyone would be happy.

Land is the main reason to buy Sapphires
Nestled on 6.2 acres of land located behind the Stardust on Industrial Road, the dynamics of traffic flow will dramatically increase when the new Echelon Place is built.

Echelon is Boyd Gaming's version of the "MGM Project City Center". It will be located on the Stardust site. It will be vast and will l extend from the Strip all the way to Industrial Road.

The Strip can't handle much more traffic, so Industrial (soon to be named Dean Martin drive) will become a major thorough fare in the near future.

Read Complete Story from the Las Vegas Review Journal
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Sapphires Gentleman's Club to Close 
1/20/06, 7:54 AM

The word on the street it that Sapphires, the biggest gentlemen's club in the world, is set to close on Monday, January 23rd.

While this may sound like a blow to the industry, it is not reflective of the overall Vegas gentlemen club industry.

The four main reasons that Sapphires failed.

1) Too Big for its Own Good
It worked on weekends, but midweek, the place had a strange feel because the majority of the place was empty. It just wasn't fun.

2) Poor Lighting
When you went to look at the dancers, you were blinded by the LED lights on the large wall. You could not see the dancers on the stage. When you were sitting there to enjoy the club, there was nothing to look at.

3) Entry Fee to Locals
Sapphires did not go along with all the other clubs in Vegas, they still charged an entry fee to local residents. Not only does that cover shut down the consistent week to week business that locals brings - but it kills the word of mouth marketing. Locals tell the visitors where to go - so if you shut down the locals, you shut down all the people that visit the locals.

4) Stiff Competition
Gentleman's clubs are sprouting up all over Vegas. Each with its own niche. Sapphires tried to be everything to everybody.

Hopefully, we will see a buy out and a remodel similar to what Scores did to Jaguars.

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Radio Show - Week 2 Available 
1/19/06, 5:54 AM
Week two's show is now available - Click Here for the Archived Show.

Week 2 Recap
David's call in from the Adam Carolla party goes haywire with a bad connection so All Nite Mike and producer David Benjamin take the airwaves with discussions of Vegas nightclubs and gentlemen's clubs - including a hilarious story from Mr. Benjamin that you just can't miss.

This week, we talk about how Vegas affects the American Culture. Tune in at 11pm ET (8pm PT) on You can call in toll free if you have a question.
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Miss America 
1/17/06, 6:02 AM

Are you thinking about coming in town for the Miss America Pagent? Think again.

My co-workers from Atlantic City (where the Miss America Pagent used to be) told me that the Pagent is extremely boring. The organizers beg people to go to it - trying to give away tickets in the street before the event. It is a totally made for TV event, and the only people in the audience are the family members or boyfriends of the contestants.

If you have every been to a beauty pagent, you know what I am talking about. Sitting through the talent competition is awful, girl and girl thinking they have the singing voice of the next American Idol. Then, the swimsuit competition - do they purposely pick out the worst swimsuit possible?

Gentleman, if you are in the Vegas this weekend, you may be tempted to go to the competition. Hey, it may make an exciting story when you get back home. Don't believe the hype, stick to the basics in Vegas and pass the Miss America Pagent up.
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Bottle Service or No Bottle Service? 
1/16/06, 6:10 AM

I just read an article in the new Strip Las Vegas Magazine about a group of five guys going to a high-end night club - should they get bottle service or not? The article presented arguments that a group of guys should always get bottle service, because they are going to pay the same amount anyway with normal drinks - so the benefits of having easy entry, a place to sit and girls at your table are the benefits of getting a bottle.

Read the Full Article Here

If you have read the Las Vegas Little Black Book, then you already know our recommendation.

Avoid these high-end night clubs all together and hit the gentlemen's clubs. Your money will go much much father. Entry is always easy, you get a table without buying a $300 bottle, and girls come up and talk to you all night.

They are giving away free 3-month subscriptions for this new magazine at Strip Las Vegas Magazine. Check it out.
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Castaways - Blow it up! 
1/14/06, 5:57 AM
It was about time....sitting idle for a year.

Formerly the Showboat, the current Castaways complex was built in the 70s. It had a strange location, not really part of Las Vegas Downtown, not part of the Strip, but not really a local casino. The last couple years were sad. I used to shake my head when I visited because the last ditch marketing efforts were just bleeding money from the operation.

Then, they kept shutting down pieces of the operation that were deemed "unsuccessful". All it did was cut off the air for the real money maker, the casino floor. In the casino business, you cannot look at each part of your business seperately, you also need at how each part contributes to the gaming floor. For example, most casinos run their buffet at a break even or small loss because it will drive thousands of people into the building to play slots after they eat. The Castaways shut down the "headcount drivers", thus choking themselves on the casino floor.

I hate empty run-down buildings. I wish they blew them up quicker. There is nother worse for an area' s economy than having a reminder of a bankrupt failed company. In Vegas, image is everything - if something does not work any more, blow it up quickly and start from scratch.

Full Story from the Las Vegas Review Journal
Video of the Castaways Implosion
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Radio Show - Las Vegas Little Black Book 
1/12/06, 6:31 AM
Last week's radio show is now available - Click Here for the archived show. This is the first show, David and All Nite Mike talk about the top Vegas myths.

Don't miss this week's show. It is all about entertainment - Vegas and LA. All Nite Mike takes to the airwaves to talk about entertainment in Vegas while David calls in live from the big Adam Carolla radio launch party in LA.

11pm ET (8pm PT) on All Talk Radio. To ask a question, call toll free at (877) 849-2854.
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