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MGM to buy the Hard Rock? 
5/1/06, 5:17 AM

Could MGM Mirage be buying the Hard Rock Hotel?

Possibly. While the asking price of the Hard Rock is very high, big casino companies like to add new casinos to the portfolio each year. When it comes to year over year revenues, it makes for a tough comparison to show how "same store" sales are doing when another revenue generator is added to the picture.

Station Casinos have been using this method for years. Every year they build or buy a new casino. In addition, they don't disclose how each casino is doing; they only release a total of all the casinos. Harrahs also uses this method for Wall Street.

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Taxis in Vegas 
4/27/06, 5:06 AM

If you read this blog frequently, you will know that my pet peve in Vegas is Taxi Drivers.

Taxis has such a big influence on your vegas experience. It can make or break a night. For example, you get dropped off at Lowry's Prime Rib for an incredible meal, when you are done, no taxi comes out to pick you up. You wait around for a hour and end up walking 1 mile in your dress clothes back to the Strip. The dinner should have been your lasting memory for the night, but the horrible walk back is what you remember.

You will find drivers that refuse to take you to places. When I was working at GVR, taxis drivers would refuse to take people down there because they would have to drive back to the Strip. The drivers roll down their window first and ask where you are going; if it is way off strip, they floor it and go to the next hotel for another pick up.

Every day, taxi drivers piss off people and scam people out of money. Don't give any money other than a fare and a tip to a driver.

Today a story came out about how taxis are breaking their own rules about where they can pick up people. Just another story about the power that taxis have in this town.

I recommend either staying close to your hotel or renting a car. Renting a car gives you the freedom to go places without depending on taxis. You can always leave the rental car somewhere and get it the next day if you get drunk.

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Tropicana Bidding Continues 
4/26/06, 6:49 PM
Ameristar and Pinnacle pull ahead in the bidding war.
Colombia Sussex is counted out.
No one has heard from Colony Capital.

I am still going with the long shot of Colombia Sussex.

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Tropicana Bidding War 
4/26/06, 2:58 AM

Four companies. One Strip Casino.

It will be interesting on how this all pans out. Place your bets.

Colony Capital
Pinnacle Gaming
Columbia Sussex
Ameristar Casinos

I think Columbia Sussex will be the winner. They are buying up properties left and right. I forsee them owning for 1 year and then selling again at a higher price.

Feel free to post on who you think will be the winner.....

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Gambing Quiz 
4/21/06, 5:56 AM
Wizard of Odds ( offers a gambling quiz to test your knowlege. Take the test and see how you fare....

Click Here for the Gambling Quiz
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The Las Vegas Little Red Book 
4/18/06, 5:46 AM
As many of you might know, we are in the middle of writing the Las Vegas Little Red Book: A Girl’s Guide to the Perfect Vegas Weekend. Molly Sullivan, the entertainment reporter and producer for the Vegas Minute, is the co-author.

(Molly Sullivan in action)

About the Vegas Minute:
The Vegas Minute is a high-energy weekly segment from Las Vegas featuring what's new, hip and happening at Sin City's world-class hotels, spectacular shows, gourmet dining and unique attractions. The Vegas Minute appears weekly in local newscasts across the country and on the internet. We'll see you in Vegas.

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Radio Show back in the Studio 
4/12/06, 5:54 AM
For all the radio show fans:

The Radio Show will be back in the Studio until we install a high-speed data line for the remote at Scores. We apologize for the sound quality over the last two weeks.

This week we are discussing:
- Las Vegas Buffets
- Las Vegas Pool Parties
- Walking the Vegas Strip

The Radio Show's Podcast is available at
Click Here for the Podcast

You can listen live at All Talk Radio .

Click Here for Show Archives
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Rock, Paper, Sissors 
4/11/06, 4:00 AM

You got to love Vegas. This weekend was the championship of Rock Paper Sissors at Mandalay Bay.

The only thing better is the Beer Pong Championship held in Mesquite, Nevada.

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March Madness Final 
4/3/06, 2:43 AM

Current Line: Florida Gators –1, Over 128

Straight from the mouth of sports handicapper and friend of the Black Book, Rude Dude says take Florida Gators and the under.

Rude Dude’s prediction Florida 57, UCLA 51.
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Radio Show is Uploaded for Archive 
4/1/06, 5:00 PM
The first Scores remote for the Las Vegas Little Black Book is now archived. Enjoy!

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