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Radio Show on Hiatus 
5/11/06, 3:08 AM
David Benjamin and I are taking a two month hiatus from the Black Book radio show. We are working on a new and improved program that will be shorter and uploaded for podcast immediately.

We will keep you up to date with the latest of the show from the blog. And thank you for everyone that has listened to the show for the past 5 months.
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Molly Sullivan 
5/11/06, 2:56 AM

Molly Sullivan, the co-author of the Las Vegas Little Red Book: A Girl's Guide to the Perfect Vegas Weekend. Molly is an entertainment reporter and producer for the Vegas Minute.

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Bye Bye Boardwalk 
5/9/06, 9:50 PM

(Another day, another implosion. I am getting use to this)

Last night, the Boardwalk was imploded. MGM Mirage did not let the media and public know until yesterday.

The media keeps referring to the implosion as the “falling of a Las Vegas landmark”. The boardwalk was never a Vegas landmark. Yes, it was 40 years old, but the place did not have any history. It was a Holiday Inn until MGM bought it out.

These implosions are massive and they shake the ground. I live ½ mile away and my apartment rattled.

Did you know? The wooden roller coaster on the front of the Boardwalk was only a façade. I find it interesting that everybody thought it was real.

Watch the News Video (5 mins)

Watch other Vegas Implosions
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Blog is Fixed 
5/9/06, 9:33 PM
Sorry everybody, we experienced some technical difficulties in the blog, it is now fixed. Thanks for hanging in there.

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Next Bidding War: Sahara? 
5/4/06, 7:00 PM
As the Tropicana bidding war comes to an end, the companies are looking at the next property for sale: the Sahara. If Tropicana was any indication, prices for the Sahara are going to sky rocket.

Click Here for the Full Story in the Las Vegas Review Journal
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The Oscar de La Hoya Factor 
5/3/06, 4:51 AM

(The Golden Boy during a fight)

Thinking about a last minute trip to Vegas this weekend? Think again.

Oscar De La Hoya is fighting at MGM Grand on Saturday. When Oscar is fighting in town, it is always packed. On top of that, Oscar is fighting on Cinco De Mayo weekend, a huge Mexican holiday. That is a double Oscar whammy for Las Vegas.

Have a room already?

If you got it for less than $400 a night, then you were in luck. Even places like Excalibur have jacked their rate up.

Avoid being “walked”.

Hotels sell more rooms than they have in inventory; it is hard for them to turn down $400 a night for a room. If you are coming into town late, be sure to call the hotel ahead of time and make sure that they know you are still coming. If you don’t, there is a good chance that they will bump you for another guest. They still have to put you up; you do have a reservation with them. But they may put you in a hotel off strip. The hotels call this “walking”, and it happens all the time.
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Tropicana War - Columbia Sussex pulls ahead 
5/2/06, 3:29 AM
Columbia Sussex pulls ahead..... these guys are very aggresive.

From a press release only minutes ago, the deal might be done...

Click Here for the Press Release
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Booking Limos in Vegas 
5/1/06, 11:34 PM

Booking a limo is cheaper than you think. In Vegas, there are tons of limos and limo companies, driving costs down. They are a pretty good deal.

Here are some rates from Bell Trans, Las Vegas's biggest limo provider:

Sedan (5 max, 2 comfortably) - $35/hour
Stretch Limo (6 max, 4 comfortably) - $42/hour
Super-Stretch Limo (8 max, 6 comfortably) - $77/hour

$5 fee for airport pickups
1 hour minimum.
Airport: The hour starts with the flight arrival time.
Anywhere Else: The hour start when the limo leaves the "station", not when they pick you up. So, you will be 20 mins into your hour when you get picked up.

Click Here for the Bell Trans Website

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MGM to buy the Hard Rock? 
5/1/06, 5:17 AM

Could MGM Mirage be buying the Hard Rock Hotel?

Possibly. While the asking price of the Hard Rock is very high, big casino companies like to add new casinos to the portfolio each year. When it comes to year over year revenues, it makes for a tough comparison to show how "same store" sales are doing when another revenue generator is added to the picture.

Station Casinos have been using this method for years. Every year they build or buy a new casino. In addition, they don't disclose how each casino is doing; they only release a total of all the casinos. Harrahs also uses this method for Wall Street.

Click Here for the Full Story in the Las Vegas Review Journal

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Taxis in Vegas 
4/27/06, 5:06 AM

If you read this blog frequently, you will know that my pet peve in Vegas is Taxi Drivers.

Taxis has such a big influence on your vegas experience. It can make or break a night. For example, you get dropped off at Lowry's Prime Rib for an incredible meal, when you are done, no taxi comes out to pick you up. You wait around for a hour and end up walking 1 mile in your dress clothes back to the Strip. The dinner should have been your lasting memory for the night, but the horrible walk back is what you remember.

You will find drivers that refuse to take you to places. When I was working at GVR, taxis drivers would refuse to take people down there because they would have to drive back to the Strip. The drivers roll down their window first and ask where you are going; if it is way off strip, they floor it and go to the next hotel for another pick up.

Every day, taxi drivers piss off people and scam people out of money. Don't give any money other than a fare and a tip to a driver.

Today a story came out about how taxis are breaking their own rules about where they can pick up people. Just another story about the power that taxis have in this town.

I recommend either staying close to your hotel or renting a car. Renting a car gives you the freedom to go places without depending on taxis. You can always leave the rental car somewhere and get it the next day if you get drunk.

Click here for the full story from the Las Vegas Review Journal
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