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The Ho No Mo 
10/1/05, 12:49 AM
The Westward Ho is set to close its doors on November, 17. Fans of the cheap side of Vegas, who have been signing the Ho's praises for years, will have to find another place to get good, cheap, massive hot dogs.

It will be sad to see yet another sign of the old Strip bite the dust. Their cheap dogs and cheap prices on good beer made watching the cheap lounge acts somewhat tolerable. Just because I'd never stay there, doesn't mean that The Westward Ho didn't have its own unique charm.
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Broadway Shows in Vegas 
9/30/05, 1:57 AM
Vegas is starting to land versions of the shows on Broadway. Mama Mia & Avenue Q for instance. After seeing these shows, while they are impressive in the acting and music, they still feel out of place. Maybe it is just me, but a show in Vegas with out cheesy, over-the-top theatrics and half naked women dancing around isn't a show that should be in Vegas.
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The Future of the New Frontier 
9/23/05, 5:33 PM
Norm Clarke is getting the scoop on the fate of The New Frontier. We're big fans of the current New Frontier experience. This throwback casino is a fun place to hang out with the fellas. We'll miss it.
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Sac Bee Gives Some Honey to the LVLBB 
9/22/05, 6:29 AM
Check out the nice blurb about the "Las Vegas Little Black Book" on the book section of The Sacramento Bee's website.
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Heard on "The Herd" 
9/21/05, 4:46 AM
We had a great surprise yesterday. I was driving to work listening to ESPN Radio's Colin Cowherd, which I do every morning, and he was talking about our book.

I'm a loyal listener of "The Herd" and knew he might like our book; but I had no idea he'd love it. It was really great to hear his reaction, as Colin is a man who knows Vegas.
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View from the JC1K Nightclub 
9/21/05, 4:32 AM
David gets asked about his nighclub, JC1K, quite often. Well, if you haven't had the pleasure of spending some time there, here's a glimpse of the amazing view from ten stories above the Strip.
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October 25 - Official release date announced 
9/21/05, 4:31 AM
It is official. On October 25, the Las Vegas Little Black Book will be available in bookstores nationwide. Barnes and Noble, Boarders,, etc... You will be able to find it everywhere.
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Clooney's Gamble 
9/5/05, 7:43 AM
You've probably seen this News Story. Don't get us wrong, George Clooney is a great guy, and his investment in Las Vegas is a great thing, but .... his will not be your type of casino. This is intended to be a very upscale establishment, the type of place you can take your wife to the day after you hit the lottery. So, for all of you real guys out there expect that George's place is out of your reach.
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