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Classic Vegas Mistake: Trying to Pick-Up a "Working" Girl 
9/30/08, 4:17 AM - Classic Vegas Mistakes

It happens all the time. You are at a bar in Vegas. Suddenly, you make eye contact with an attractive blonde on the other side of the bar. She keeps looking at you. You muster up the courage to talk to her. She seems really interested in you. After about 30 minutes of talking to her, she lets you know that she "ain't free".

How to Spot a Working Girl:

Working girls tend to hang out at the casino center bars: Mirage Baccarat Bar, Bellagio Baccarat Bar, Mandalay Bay Island Lounge, Palms Center Bar, Hard Rock Center Bar, Treasure Island Breeze Bar, Caesar’s Cleopatra’s Barge, NYNY Big Apple Bar are some of the main spots where most of the girls after 11pm are of the working type.

Working girls usually don’t drink too much alcohol. They don’t want to get drunk because they work a long night. They probably are drinking cappuccinos or hot tea.

Working girls like to play video poker. It keeps them occupied between meeting men.

Working girls like to make eye contact with you. They will look at you across the bar and smile.

Working girls tend to work in pairs. They make friends with the other girls and chit chat with them while at the bar.

Working girls tend not to be in large groups. If you see a group of four girls or more, you can pretty much guarantee they are normal.

Working girls dress up in nice clothes. You won’t see one of these girls wearing a T-shirt that says “Vegas”.

In conclusion, if you stay away from center bars at night, you probably won't bump into one. Stick to the bars we talk about in the Las Vegas Little Black Book.

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Football Sundays in Vegas  
9/10/08, 7:01 AM - True Vegas Advice

On most Sundays in Vegas, people wake up late, nurse a hangover, check out of their room and then try to waste time until their flight leave. But from September through December, Sundays are entirely something different. Pro football takes over Vegas.

Yes, as you know, there are no games actually played in Vegas, but that does not matter. On Football Sundays, you can feel the energy around the casino. Betting on football is a passion in Las Vegas. Since Nevada is the only state in the country where you can legally bet on sports, Sundays mornings are a bit different on the Strip.

Ten Tips on Making the Most Out of Football Sundays

1) Games Start at 10 am and 1pm. Remember, you are on the West Coast and that means the first pro football games start at 10am. Many an East Coaster has waken up late and missed the first game.

2) Stick with the Basics. If you are new to sports wagering, don’t worry about the five-team parlay, futures, money lines, or even the over/under. Stick with basics – bet the point spreads. A point spread bet is not a bet on whether a team will win, but rather that a team will cover the point differential. For example, a “Broncos minus seven” bet would only win if the Broncos won by more than seven points. If the Broncos won by six points, then the bet would lose. Conversely, on a “Steelers plus seven” bet, the Steelers don’t have to win, they just can’t lose by more than seven points.

3) Make Your Bets Early. If possible, make all your Sunday
bets the night before. It gets real busy in the Sports Book on Sunday mornings and you will end up standing in a long line. Possibly not getting your bet in on time.

4) Bet in $11 increments. If you win, you get your $11 back plus $10. Any increment other than $11 and you will end up with change and look like you don’t know what you are doing.

5) Create Drama. Spread your money over four or five games so you have a bunch of action and drama going on at once. It is fun to have money riding and trying to keep up with multiple games simultaneously.

6) Only Bet on Televised Games. Yes, even though there may be 150 televisions in a sportsbook, there are plenty of games that aren’t televised. If you bet on these games you’ll miss being able to see your gambling dollars at work.

7) Bet Against New York. If you’re looking to place a bet, there are usually good odds against New York teams. There are so many Giants and Jets fans that are going to bet, no matter what the odds are, that the odds against the them usually pretty good because the sportsbook is looking to cover their bets and not lose their shirts if the New York team wins.

8) Ask for Drink Vouchers. When you are placing a bet, be sure to ask for drink vouchers from the agent. Casinos are clamping down on giving out comp drinks to non-players, so if you order a drink in the sportsbook and don’t have a drink voucher, the cocktail server will charge you.

9) Get on the Cocktail Waitress’s Good Side. This is very important at a sportsbook. If you get on the cocktail server’s good side, she will bring you drinks fast and possibly give you a couple extra drink vouchers. So, tip big. Your generosity will usually be reciprocated!

10) Get a Good Seat. A good seat in a sportsbook is usually hard to find, expect that 75 percent of them will have a “Reserved for Race Players” sign, which means they are-off limits to you. Look for seats that have a view that won’t be blocked by pedestrian traffic. If you can’t find a seat in the sportsbook, there are usually some good views at the adjacent bar.

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The VIP Only Entertainer 
9/6/08, 1:43 AM - True Vegas Advice

A new trend of exotic dancer is developing in Vegas. They don’t have an official name, so I am going to call them a “VIP Only Entertainer”. This is a dancer that thinks she is above giving $20 lap dances on the floor. She feels that $20 a dance is a waste of her time. They only do hour-long sessions at $400 in the VIP room.

Here is a normal conversation with one of them:

“Where do you work?”
“Olymipic Garden”
“Are you a cocktail server?”
“Are you a dancer?”
“No ”
“Then what do you do there?”
“I am a VIP entertainer, I only do dances by the hour, put I don’t like to dance, I just sit and talk to the guy."
“You’re a Stripper, but you don’t like to dance?”
“Don’t call me a Stripper, I am not a Stripper. I am a VIP entertainer.”
“Don’t the guys want to you to dance if they are paying you $400 a hour?”
“Maybe I’ll do one dance in a hour. I usually can talk the guy out of it.”

In summary, this new breed of “entertainer” almost refuses to dance for you. She knows that she already has you in the VIP room, and you will have to pay her. They get away with it because they are extremely hot, the “best of the best” when it comes to looks. They also are extremely engaging in conversation, and will keep talking to you at the beginning of each song, so you don’t get a chance to ask for a dance. If they finally do dance for you, they will say “wow, I need a break” after the first song and put their clothes back on. When you ask her for another dance, she will say in a rude way “jeez, I just put my clothes on”, and start back up the conversation.

I think you get the idea. Us guys need to stick together and not go into the VIP room with this type of girl. If a girl says, “I don’t do dances on the floor, only in VIP”, then you know what you are dealing with. We can nip this in the bud and squash this growing trend.

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Don’t Walk the Strip in Shorts and Sandals in the Afternoon 
9/3/08, 11:37 PM - True Vegas Advice

I know it is hot out there. More times than not, your group will find something to do and you will be stuck the night in shorts, forcing you to go all the way back to the hotel, before you do anything else.

If you are going to wear shorts, don’t get to far away from the hotel. I know you already have a plan to go back to the hotel, but you need to keep your options open, just in case something good happens, like meeting some fun girls.

You may say that the girls will meet up with you later, but don’t take that chance. When you find a group that you are having fun with, stick with them. And that means you need to be dressed for the night time during the day.

Want more Classic Vegas Mistakes? Need some True Vegas Advice? Looking for that special Hidden Vegas Gem? Heading to Vegas soon and need the right strategy for your group? Purchase the Las Vegas Little Black Book or Las Vegas Little Red Book on Amazon or on the links to the right. Do you have specific questions about your Vegas trip or stuck on your planning? Email questions to

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Las Vegas Strip - One Way Street 
9/2/08, 4:07 AM
From Inside Business in the Las Vegas Review Journal:

"The simplest solution to traffic clogging the resort corridor would also have the biggest effect, experts say. Still, insiders say it's a "nonstarter." The idea is to turn the Strip into a one-way thoroughfare north. In return, Paradise Road or Swenson Street would become one-way in the other direction. Insiders say the problem is it would simply move congestion from one street to another. But look at Waikiki, where a similar traffic reconfiguration has worked for 15 years, and you might wonder. Operators complain that this move would turn one of the greatest pedestrian experiences in the world into a rush-hour race of traffic, but it's still the only way to significantly alleviate Strip gridlock."

While I am fairly sure that this won't happen, I am glad that there is some brainstorming on the problem. Whatever happens, there needs to be a major investment into the future of the Las Vegas Strip. It is not going to be simple.

Pedestrian Overpasses
I do know one thing that will help: more pedestrian overpasses. Not just over the streets, but over the entrances to the resorts. The Strip gets clogged down when cars can't turn because of the people walking the Strip. Take the Paris Resort for example, the whole right hand lane of the north bound Strip gets stuck because cars are waiting to turn right into the entrance. Get rid of ten of these problem areas on the Strip, and everything starts to move faster.

Click Here for the Story from the Las Vegas Review Journal
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Doubling Down on a Blackjack! 
8/28/08, 5:44 AM - True Vegas Advice

And you thought splitting tens was strange - now players are starting to Double Down when they have a Blackjack!

Granted, they only do it on a single deck game, where the blackjacks payout 6-to-5, and only when the dealer has a 5 or a 6 showing.

It started as a rumor to combat the -1.39% player disadvantage of a 6-to-5 blackjack. While there is no published math on the advantage or disadvantage to doing this, it is not a smart more to make. Take you winnings when you get blackjack.
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Late Checkout Rates 
8/26/08, 8:33 AM - True Vegas Advice

A new trend at Vegas resorts are published "late check out" rates. If you want to check out of your hotel at 6pm, instead of the normal 11am, it is now getting simpler.

For example, at the Stratosphere they market the following rates:

$20 extra charge for a 6pm check out Monday - Friday
$30 extra charge for a 6pm check out Saturday and Sunday.

This is a win-win for both the resort and the customer. The resort has a way to make some incremental money while the customer has the ability to keep their hotel room later. If you have a flight that leaves late in the day, it really is a pain to check out of your hotel, check your bags into the bell desk and wander around until your flight leaves.

A late check out changes the dynamic of your last day in Vegas, ask the hotel you are staying at if they do this.
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Classic Vegas Mistake: Leaving Chips Under the Lip of the Table Game  
7/21/08, 11:35 AM - Classic Vegas Mistakes

Every day in the casino, the management find chips and coins under the leather lip of table games. When people play, they keep all their chips pressed against the leather. Eventually, some get stuck between the leather and the felt.

If you think a chip is in there, the dealer has no problem with you lifting the leather lip up to find your money.

When the casinos find the money, it usually is too late, the player is long gone. The dealers end up taking it as tip.

I am not saying that people leave $100 chips in there, but if all I did was go around Vegas and collect money from the lips of table games, I would be a very rich man.

Keep you stacks of chips organized and make sure to double check that there are no chips stuck.

Want more Classic Vegas Mistakes? Need some True Vegas Advice? Looking for that special Hidden Vegas Gem? Heading to Vegas soon and need the right strategy for your group? Purchase the Las Vegas Little Black Book or Las Vegas Little Red Book on Amazon or on the links to the right. Do you have specific questions about your Vegas trip or stuck on your planning? Email questions to

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Hot Summer Nights Put Heat on the Casinos 
7/11/08, 5:36 AM - True Vegas Advice

Every year, the heat of the summer and the lack of big conventions makes the period between Fourth of July and Labor Day one of the slowset times in Vegas. (The slowest is the time between the end of NFR and Christmas Day). Every casino struggles.

The results for July and August are usually masked in an always overly successful Sept, which casino companies tend to downplay. (July, August and Sept make up the 3rd quarter in earnings, thus just the quarterly numbers are released, not each month)

In addition, by the time the 3rd quarter numbers are released to Wall Street, the casino companies are rocking at the end of October, the most profitable month in Vegas. So, they tend to focus on the current rather than looking at the past.

This summer, Vegas is in the eye of the media. Horrible real estate, high gas prices, and high interest rates have made excuses for the media really to dive into what is going on in Vegas. Plus, I think people for around the country are sick and tired of hearing how profitable and flourishing the town is for the past seven years.
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Las Vegas Little Black Book Trip Report 
6/23/08, 9:39 PM - Vegas Trip Reports

I would like to thank Sal for sending in this detailed Vegas trip report. I welcome any other submissions. This is good stuff.
48 hours of booze-fueled madness!

Sal Paradise here. Just returned from a bachelor party trip to Las Vegas and since the Little Black Book was a huge part of it, wanted to fill you in. Usually I don't know when to quit and it shows here, it's long, but hopefully worth it. I of course had to leave lots out, but I think hit the biggest details.

Six of us flew out of Chicago O'Hare to Las Vegas on Sunday morning, arriving around 9AM for a bachelor party. Despite most of us operating on less than four hours sleep, due to the early flight time, the anticipation was high for a good time. Everyone carried-on their luggage so we made a dash for the exits, where the group was greeted by a driver from Bell-Trans limo service. Only myself and one other guy knew we had a limo arranged so it was a nice surprise for the bachelor.

We had conned the groom-to-be into thinking the first stop was the Liberace Museum with a personalized tour, but when I told the driver where we were stopping before the hotel, the group squealed like a bunch of little girls. The driver was fast and efficient and seemed almost as excited about the destination as us. First stop, The Gun Store to squeeze off a few rounds from automatic weapons. We doubled up on most of the guns. Montana Slim and Old Bull Lee, split the M16 carbine and the Thompson. Carlo Marx and I shared the MP5 and M16. Dean went solo and fired the M249 SAW. Mississippi Gene, being a pacifist, decided not to shoot. Mr. Limo driver was quite impressed at the beginning of our party.

A quick stop at Walgreen's was in order to grab some supplies and afterwards we headed to Treasure Island. Of course it was too early to get our rooms so we did the champagne brunch at Dishes. It was reasonably priced at $18 and although not a tremendous amount of variety was available, everyone seemed to leave satisfied. The freshly made mini donettes were quite delightful. Check in line was at least six miles long at this point in the morning, but it moved fast and we were up at the front in about thirty minutes. Got the keys for the three rooms we reserved and were upstairs before 1PM. The plan was to head over to Casino Royale at 3 for some cheap drinking and gambling, so we all agreed to meet in the Breeze Bar at 2:30.

Old Bull Lee and I hit the blackjack tables and got creamed by the dealer hand after hand. She had the personality of a wooden post, so we left, fortunately not down by much since we're both low-rollers. It was bar time, so we walked over, got some drinks and waited for the others. Everyone had assembled by 3 except for Montana Slim. He finally showed up about fifteen minutes late and with a mad cackle proclaimed he had already lost close to $200 on blackjack and roulette. And I felt bad about being down $20!

The next three hours was spent shooting craps at Casino Royale and drinking Michelob's from the bar or Killian's at the table. Montana Slim, Mississippi Gene, Old Bull Lee and myself played, whilst Carlo and Dean played the slots. They seem to prefer shredding their money, although Carlo has got some uncanny luck with those damn things most times. The craps table was hot and we had some good runs. We were easily the rowdiest table in the joint and we started drawing a bit of a crowd. Making it more entertaining, was we were at the little table with a single dealer and sitting down. Eventually the table cooled off and we had some douchebag playing don't pass at the other end. Montana Slim stuck it to him though on a come out role, hitting an 11 and douche lost a forty dollar bet. He ended up driving everyone off the table with his attitude, at one point berating us for not tossing out a buck for the dealer. The guys that had just sat there for three hours and placed three "horn high yo's" for the dealer and hit all three of them! Ultimately the craps paid off and I had recovered my losses from TI plus some extra.

Afterwards we wandered over to Carnival Court and Harrah's to use the bathroom and have a look-see. The original plan was for Isla for dinner, but no one was ready, so we ended up getting something at the Forum Shops at a little cafe in the middle, not far from the Neptune statue. From there we hit Casa Fuente for a smoke and when the group got an eyefull of Rathna, the hostess, we were quickly convinced staying for a drink was in order. Tip here, sit facing the entrance if you want to get the most opportunity for leering. Two cocktails apiece later we hit the bricks and headed back towards TI. Mississippi Gene decided to call it a night and the rest of us got a drink and went over to the outdoor area set aside for hotel guests on the last Sirens show of the night. It was corny as hell, but not hard on the eyes. Definitely not a kiddy show anymore, but still plenty of kids in the crowd.

Carlo wanted to go to the Double Down saloon and try a bacon martini, so Dean, Old Bull Lee, and I joined him and hopped a cab. After listening to the same song for an hour and a half from the crap band that was playing, we stumbled over to Hard Rock. Carlo and Dean played the slots and Bull hit the craps tables. I wandered a bit and had a beer, ogling the women. When I checked in with Bull he said he was getting crushed, but twenty minutes later and he was up. Dean was beat, so he and Carlo headed home for the night, but Bull was looking to stay, so I figured I'd keep him company. Good choice. To celebrate his good run, we opted to hang for a bit and have a cocktail. A Lebanese/Sicilian hottie next to us started chatting us up when she asked to bum a smoke and things were going well, until her friend wanted her to come talk to some putz with a mullet. Ah well, can't win em all. Gave up our seats along the perimeter of the bar to go to the bathroom and here's where the night takes the most entertaining turn. Went back to the center bar and I spot our seats opening up again, so I tell Bull to grab them and I'll get the drinks. Belly up to place the order and the woman sitting at the counter to my left says "Hi, I'm Sera, what's your name? What are you up to?" I answered and realize, hey wait! Here's a hottie with a big rack in tight little clothes and talking to me. Woohoo! Hooker! But she didn't have hot tea so I think that's what threw me off at first contact.

Before our conversation goes any further, a woman slips in between us and says "Hi, how's it going?" Not a hooker as far as I can tell; she has a drink, she's wearing jeans and a black top with spaghetti straps. Never seen a prostitute dressed like that. Sera looks pissed though and the new girl walks back over to where Bull is at with me as we converse. However, now I know she's a working girl, because no way is a woman like this going to talk to me. Before too long we have hooker show-down as Sera and Natasha duke it out over who's customer belongs to whom. Natasha settles on Bull and Sera grabs me and pulls me away. Kept brushing her breasts on my arm, but it was the only action either of us would see. Although fun to talk to and both really nice, neither of us married fellers had any intention of hooking up with them. Both had good attitudes about not getting business from us. Bull and I decided it was time to go back.

At TI we stopped in the store for some supplies where the woman that checked us out six hours ago, remembered us and was shocked to see we were still up. Called up to Carlo's room and chastised him for being a "big blubbering vagina" and he should come down and join us. TI was dead, so we gave about about 5AM and headed to bed. Bull stayed up a bit longer in the room to eat cheetos and beef jerky.

Monday, was a bit looser in terms of schedule. Bull and Gene decided to chill at the TI blackjack tables, whilst the rest of us toured the strip a bit. Carlo and Montana Slim were Vegas rookies, so it seemed like a good time to see some of the strip sights. It was hot, but dry; so pleasant to walk down the strip. Visited Bellagio, Alladin, MGM Grand, New York NewYork, and then made our way back up to Paris to meet Bull who had been gambling at Bellagio. After a stop at Barbary Coast for a bit of play and a quest to see Big Elvis, we were needing to get back to prepare for dinner. Unfortunately outside the Forum Shops entrance, Bull and I made a decision to ditch the others for a cocktail and another eyefull of Rathna. Carlo and Dean found us within twenty minutes. They're no dummies!

Montana and Gene were a little upset with us for being late to meet in the Breeze Bar prior to dinner, but it was well worth it. Got changed and jumped some cabs to go to Del Frisco's. Everyone loved the place and raved about the chow. I would have been happy to just smell my beef instead of eating it. Food was absolutely fantastic and it was a slow night for them, so we got treated quite well and very attentively. I asked to see a manager to let her know what a great time we were having and also told her David deMontmollin at Hooter's sent us. After dinner we headed into the lounge where we hung until close for cigars and drinks. The only downside was the jackass doorman there.

When we walked out and said Gene was going to TI, but the other five of us wanted to go to Scores, he kept trying to get us to take this SUV limo that was sitting in the lot. It started at $100 for the transport and VIP passes, but with each no, the price got lower. I think the last was $30 just to drive us there. We took cabs. I rode with Carlo and we got dropped in back at the VIP entrance. They had us wait for an escort and Patrick came back to bring us into the club. I let him know David from LBB sent us and he seemed appreciative.

Scores rocked. Not many patrons for midnight, so we had plenty of attention from the ladies. I had one girl dance for me a couple of times, but had miscounted my scratch before we left TI, so I was just about tapped out. Carlo, Dean, and Bull tore it up with them; but not like Montana Slim. He disappeared more than once and dropped some serious money upstairs. He was happy man. Well we all were, just Montana was happier than the rest. They had a moonlighting Cirque performer do a few shows in between stage shows, which was actually very cool and although she remained clothed, she was pretty damn fine too. It was about 1:30 or maybe later and we decided to head back. Montana had done well for us and we were given the house limo to take us back to the hotel, just needed to tip. Very cool.

Bull wanted to see the Wynn, so we stumbled about in there for a while. It was a ghost town so luckily no one was too offended by my perverse songs about a former boss. Dean and Montana called it quits about 2:30 and headed home, but Carlo, Bull, and I were still going. Grabbed a cab and went back to Casino Royale. We joked that Wynn was a dump and we were tired of slumming it there. The cabbie seemed genuinely amused. Bull and I hit the craps table again, same little one and started another decent streak. Well I did at least. Carlo left about an hour later and went to gamble at the Venetian, ultimately turning in around 5AM. The table at Casino was a way more subdued than the day before, but there was still a decent number of players considering the time. I'm going to be part of somebody's wacky Vegas story, as we sat there and spouted off all sorts of strange comments and out of context remarks. I was the weirdo at the tables at 4 in the morning. Again there was some douche playing don't pass, but he ended up getting creamed by our hot runs and walked away having lost all his chips. We finally stumbled out at 6AM with my having recovered from losses at Barbary Coast and was up $50 for the trip.

We'd be leaving for the airport in just a few hours, so we tried to get some shut-eye. Not much else to say about the journey back home. It was two booze-fueled days of madness in Vegas and less than ten hours sleep over a 72 hour period. I don't think I'd have it any other way.

The success of this trip couldn't have been possible without the Little Black Book and the personal suggestions of David deMontmollin via email. All names have been changed or omitted. My only regret was not getting over to Hooter's to say hello to David and thank him in person, but it sure felt like he was with us in spirit....

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