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Getting Harder to say "I Love LA" 
11/28/05, 7:29 PM
Ran across this interesting article. Just another example of how Las Vegas has dethroned Los Angeles as The City on the West Coast.

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Do You Care? 
11/18/05, 4:49 AM
Hopefully you got a chance to hear David on the Tom Leykis Show today. As a proud graduate of Leykis 101, it was great to hear David chatting it up with The Professor himself. Tom's got plenty of insights into Sin City as he's traveled there quite a bit over the years. David had the chance to go over some LVLBB strategy with Tom and answer a few calls from listners.

Tom decided to do a remote from Caesars as there's a huge comedy festival in Vegas this weekend. Dave Attell, one of the funniest people on the planet, was on Tom's show too. Attell's got a gig tonight with frequent tour partner Lewis Black. He also mentioned a special he filmed with Dane Cook for Comedy Central which sounded good.

Thanks to Prof. Leykis and Dave Attell for a great show.

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Westward Ho RIP 
11/18/05, 4:37 AM
As promised, I made a trip to the Westward Ho last weekend. I almost wept looking at the sign one last time. The dogs, beer and margaritas were some of the best deals in town.

MMMMM, can't get enough of those Mega Dogs and Cheap Margaritas

Goodbye Westward Ho, we'll miss you.
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On 'The Herd'  
11/11/05, 7:20 PM
Colin Cowherd had us on the show this morning. He did an interview with us during the West Coast hour and a recap later in the show. It's been great to hear his reaction to the book, the man knows Vegas.

This weekend we're going to make a little trip over to the Westward Ho to have one last $1 Beer before they shut'er down.
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Attention 'American Casino' Fans 
11/11/05, 7:14 PM
Check out The Las Vegas Sun's article about 'American Casino'. Previously unaired episodes are going to start rolling out in the next few weeks. Including one about the New Year's Eve party that David organized at Green Valley.
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Upcoming Radio Interviews about the Little Black Book  
11/9/05, 4:20 AM
Wednesday, November 9th
KXPT 97.1 FM "The Point" Morning Show, Las Vegas, 9am (PT)

Thursday, November 10th
Spike Radio 1140 AM "The Big Johnson Show", Las Vegas 8am (PT)
WRXK 96FM K-Rock, "Stan & Haney Show ", South Florida 3:35pm (ET)

Friday, November 11th
ESPN "The Herd with Colin Cowherd ", National 9:20am (ET)
WJFK " The Junkies", Washington, D.C. 11:30am (ET)
MIGHTY 1090 AM "Too Much Show ", San Diego 3:05pm (PT)

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T-Minus 14 Days for the Ho 
11/4/05, 6:03 AM
Just a friendly reminder, The Westward Ho's doors will shut for good in just two weeks. So go get your mega-dog's and $1 beers while you can.
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We Won't Miss You 
11/4/05, 5:46 AM
Sad to report that "We Will Rock You" will be ending its Vegas run later this month. A play based around the music of Queen has never really made much sense to me.

If you wanted to see Queen songs performed live, I'm sure there's a local cover band that can do the trick. Sadly, the show's closing must mean that Mig from "Rockstar: INXS" might have to look for a real job.

The biggest surprise is that the show lasted over 500 performances.
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David on Mancow: 11.01.05 
11/1/05, 5:10 AM
Tune in to Mancow's Morning Madhouse Tuesday morning, as David will be one of Mancow's guests. David should be on about 8:10 Central (that's 9:10 for you Eastcoasters and 6:10 Vegas time).

If you miss the show, you can check it out by joining Mancow's Online Militia.
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Looking for the Book? 
10/29/05, 7:19 AM

Looking to BUY THE BOOK and haven't seen it on the shelves? Well, you can find it very soon. The book has been shipped from the distributor's warehouses to the retailer warehouses and should be hitting the shelves in the next few days.

Look for us in the Travel Section, if you can't find it tell them to order you a copy. You can also purchase online. A few of the online retailers had our release date wrong earlier this week, the book will be out in the next few days not in two months.

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