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Happy New Year! 
12/31/05, 11:42 PM
Thank you for your continued support. You have made the Las Vegas Little Black Book the number one selling Las Vegas Travel Book since its release on Oct 25.

2005 was a great year. After the book's release, it was featured on over 20 radio shows, 10 publications and 2 television shows.

2006 looks to be even better with additional book releases (to be annonced soon) and the launch of the Internet Radio show. (Thursday nights at 11pm ET on All Talk Radio.)

Always keep us in mind when you are planning your trip to Vegas, we are here to help you!

Happy New Year,

David & Hiram
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The Best Happy Hour Ever – Scores Las Vegas 
12/30/05, 6:01 AM

For the past two months, Scores has been running the best happy hour promotion.

Free Drinks from 5pm – 6pm everyday.
2 for 1 Drinks from 6pm – 8pm everyday.

You are probably thinking - “What is the catch?” “That makes no business sense.” “How can they make money doing that?” Well, The club opens at 5pm, so its either they run a promotion like this, or have zero customers until 8pm or 9pm.

It also creates muscle memory. You get used to going to Scores for happy hour, so when you are out with people at night, you will choose Scores because you know the layout, you know the management and you know the staff.

Lastly, they make money from the house fees of the “entertainers”. Each girl pays a fee to dance each night. The girls working at Scores from 5pm to 10pm - do so because there are people there, unlike other clubs that are pretty empty before 8pm. Some dancers have conflicted schedules, so they can’t work the prime time hours from 10pm – 2am. They are going to work somewhere and pay a fee. It might as well be Scores.

So gents, enjoy this promotion. It makes more business sense that you think. Plus, it makes a great excuse to go to a Gentleman’s Club at 5pm in the afternoon.
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Tryst Nightclub - The New Nightclub at Wynn 
12/29/05, 6:32 AM

Normally, we don't recommend going to a night club. A group of guys has a serious hard time getting in. Even if you have a table reserved, you will still have to tip the bouncer to in.

When Wynn Las Vegas first opened, there was a night club called "Le Bete". It had friendly management and a cool vibe, but lack the proper seating to make it a major nightclub.

They closed it down for two months for a remodel, and now it is much much better. The new name is Tryst and here are the reasons that we recommend it:

1) It is open to the outside. One of our biggest gripes about clubs are that they are closed in, making it smokey and LOUD. You will not be able to talk to anybody. Tyrst, on the other hand, is open air. it is not completely outside, but if you want to escape, you can. The music does not verberate like other clubs, it escapes out the wide open walls.

2) A lot of people are afraid to go to it, because it is in the "Wynn". That makes it better for the people in "the know". You won't have as many cheesy meatheads like you would at Studio 54 or Rain.

3) The cocktail servers are super hot and friendly. Nuff said.

4) You can enter the club without paying $100 per person. The management is friendly and won't treat you like the other established clubs.

So, it you really want to go to a nightclub, Tyrst at Wynn is one we recommend. At least until it becomes too popular and crowded. But by that time, a new one will open up.
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Clooney - No Casino For You 
12/21/05, 9:54 PM
I guess Mr. Clooney is not building "Las Ramblas" after all. I guess it takes more than a couple ads and some artist drawings to build a $3 Billions dollar mega resort. The development team failed to obtain the proper permission to build such a resort.

Do you think it was just to get more press for his movie release of "Syriana"?

For complete story....
George Clooney Scraps Casino Plans
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ESPN Cold Pizza - Sportbook Question 
12/11/05, 10:47 PM
On Tuesday, December 6, David appeared on ESPN's Cold Pizza. One of the questions was:

"What are the best sportbooks in Vegas to watch sports?"

David's Answers:
1) MGM Grand - new sportsbook with many plasmas, lots of seating, plenty of cocktail servers and a bar/snack shop in the back.
2) Mandalay Bay - huge sportsbook with large screens, the atmosphere is unbelievable.
3) Stardust - What Stardust lacks in screens and facility, it makes up for in character. This is where all the "lines" on games orginate. It is the center of the sports gambling universe. Real hard core sports gamblers are at the Stardust.

Here are some other great places to watch games in Vegas:
- Hard Rock Sportsbooks and the Sports Lounge
- ESPN Sportzone (get there early to get a seat)
- Paradise Cantina (next to Rainbow Bar & Grill, across the street from the Hard Rock)
- Caesar's Sportsbook

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Getting Harder to say "I Love LA" 
11/28/05, 7:29 PM
Ran across this interesting article. Just another example of how Las Vegas has dethroned Los Angeles as The City on the West Coast.

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Do You Care? 
11/18/05, 4:49 AM
Hopefully you got a chance to hear David on the Tom Leykis Show today. As a proud graduate of Leykis 101, it was great to hear David chatting it up with The Professor himself. Tom's got plenty of insights into Sin City as he's traveled there quite a bit over the years. David had the chance to go over some LVLBB strategy with Tom and answer a few calls from listners.

Tom decided to do a remote from Caesars as there's a huge comedy festival in Vegas this weekend. Dave Attell, one of the funniest people on the planet, was on Tom's show too. Attell's got a gig tonight with frequent tour partner Lewis Black. He also mentioned a special he filmed with Dane Cook for Comedy Central which sounded good.

Thanks to Prof. Leykis and Dave Attell for a great show.

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Westward Ho RIP 
11/18/05, 4:37 AM
As promised, I made a trip to the Westward Ho last weekend. I almost wept looking at the sign one last time. The dogs, beer and margaritas were some of the best deals in town.

MMMMM, can't get enough of those Mega Dogs and Cheap Margaritas

Goodbye Westward Ho, we'll miss you.
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On 'The Herd'  
11/11/05, 7:20 PM
Colin Cowherd had us on the show this morning. He did an interview with us during the West Coast hour and a recap later in the show. It's been great to hear his reaction to the book, the man knows Vegas.

This weekend we're going to make a little trip over to the Westward Ho to have one last $1 Beer before they shut'er down.
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Attention 'American Casino' Fans 
11/11/05, 7:14 PM
Check out The Las Vegas Sun's article about 'American Casino'. Previously unaired episodes are going to start rolling out in the next few weeks. Including one about the New Year's Eve party that David organized at Green Valley.
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