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- NEW: Life Before Noon 
2/28/10, 6:23 PM
Life Before Noon:
A Guy’s Little Black Book For Success After College

Partied your way through college?
Job search confusion?
Scared of the “real world”?
Moving back in with your parents?

Before your start to freak out, read this book!

Life Before Noon: A Guy’s Little Black Book for Success After College offers frank, no-nonsense advice for the guy who didn’t graduate with honors. Through a series of 100 simple lessons, guys will realize that the social skills developed at late night keg parties are just as important as academic lessons learned inside the classroom.

Book Excerpt:

You don’t realize it now, but there is life before noon. You have spent the last years crawling out of bed at 12 p.m., while the world has been cranking since 7 a.m. To be successful after college, you need to adapt.

Every time you hear the phrase “real world” do you wonder what the hell people are talking about? Life in college is just as “real” as life after college. This book explains how similar both phases of your life are. Fear of the unknown is going to be present during any transition in your life, but rest assured, you are better prepared than you think.

The academic side of college obviously plays an important role in graduation, but what is often overlooked is the social evolution that one goes through while in college. You might not think it now, but late night keggers and early morning tailgates have helped you develop important social skills. The ability to meet new people and interact in different social environments will make you successful regardless of what career you decide to pursue. Earning your degree shows that you are intelligent, but what good is a 4.0 GPA if you can’t hold a conversation with a co-worker?

This book was written for guys who partied their way through college by guys who partied their way through college. It was written as casually as a conversation while bellied up at the bar. Hard work in the classroom is essential, but the lessons learned outside of it are what will make you successful from this point forward. We chose the 10 most challenging obstacles that you will encounter and broke them down into 10 easy-to-read lessons. Pursue them in order or skip around as you please. Just know this, reading this book will put you ahead of the competition and onto the fast track to success.

Life after college isn’t difficult; it just starts before noon.

Praise for Life Before Noon:

“From ‘C’s to CEO!” – Ian Brown

“A must read for anyone that spent six years in college.” – Ryan Fink

“This book really changed my life.” – Kurt Stewart

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