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10/5/06, 12:11 AM
Friends for over twenty years, David and Hiram grew up together in Miami, Florida, far from the bright lights of Las Vegas.

David de Montmollin has been obsessed with casinos for much longer than he’ll ever admit. Armed with a degree in engineering from Clemson University he took the engineering world by storm, quickly bored and chose to pursue his passion of working in the casino business. After earning an MBA from Arizona State University, David moved to Sin City where, among other things, he's been featured on the reality series "American Casino." He spends his days working in a casino and his nights on the town.

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Molly Sullivan has been a resident of Sin City for nearly two decades. She has had a multi-billion dollar set of the Vegas Strip, actual size, at her French-manicured fingertips for more than four years as a broadcast journalist. Currently, Molly is the host and associate producer for Hot On! Las Vegas, a weekly half-hour lifestyle show which airs on the local ABC affiliate, KTNV-TV. Beginning in March, 2007, Molly can be seen starring in E! Entertainment's hit new reality show, Paradise City. With your newest red accessory in your purse, Molly will be your go-to-girl in the ultimate 24-hour girl’s playground where she lives, works, and plays.

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Hiram Todd Norman has spent many a weekend hitting the haunts of Sin City with his buddy David. He’s fascinated by Las Vegas and still can’t fathom how all of this action exists in the middle of the desert. A graduate of Rollins College, Hiram is a former magazine editor who spends his days writing scripts and creating entertainment content for the web, while daydreaming of his next Vegas adventure. He holds a graduate degree in writing from the University of Miami. He, and his wife Megan, reside in Los Angeles where they’re a stone’s throw away from Sin City.

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