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10/5/06, 7:10 AM
Introduction to Chapter 3

Rally Your Troops: Take Charge of Your Trip

Weíve seen way too many trips that start like this: Youíre at the office on a Friday afternoon, rushing to meet some end-of-the-quarter numbers, when you look at your watch and realize you need to head out to the airport in fifteen minutes. You only had time to throw some toiletries and semi-clean, wrinkled clothes into a carry-on before you dashed to work this morning. But hey, you take solace in the fact that youíre going to Vegas, and youíll be out all night, anyway; itís not like you need more than one change of clothes. You plan to pick up one of your buddies on the way to the airport. Your other friends will meet you in Sin City tonight. Theyíre coming in from all over, at all sorts of times, but it doesnít matter because they know you can be found in the casino at the hotel.

Thereís no need to sit around in your hotel room or at the airport waiting for them; theyíre adults and you have some gaming to do. Your travel pal is going to hit the bar while you gamble; itís been a rough week, and heís looking to tie one on, and perhaps pick up a cocktail waitress or two.

Fast-forward to tomorrow morning: You and your buddy are lying in bed passed out. One of your friends was delayed, so heís arriving in two hours; anotherís just getting in, and no oneís heard from the last guy (he spent twenty minutes pounding on your door, but you were too wasted to hear, so he went back to the casino bar). We can safely bet that the last thing your merry group wants to do is wait around for four or five hours until your dead-broke, hung-over, sorry selves can sober up and let them into the room. Boy, this is the start of a great trip! Unfortunately, what you donít realize now is that when your whole troop finally assembles, thatís when the real problems will start.

It turns out that one of the guys wants to hit a strip joint this afternoon and the casinos tonight. Two of the others are interested in checking out ďOld-school VegasĒ downtown, and you want to watch a couple of games at a sportsbook. Looks like your guysí weekend is kind of falling apart, and it is only day one. As Saturday becomes Sunday, you canít really seem to get on the same page with your pals and, aside from a breakfast, you donít really see much of them until itís time to go home.

What happened? This was going to be such a great time but it went by so fast that you never even really got to hang out together, which (aside from the booze, women, and gambling) was the whole point of the trip. Well, face it: No one took any ownership of your trip to begin with. Everyone was so busy that they never really had time to think about the trip before they arrived, and the groupís ďitís Vegas, itís not really hard to have a good time hereĒ attitude made what could have been a great time into pretty good, very expensive time. Let this be a cautionary tale: Do your part to make sure your whole crew has a great time in Vegas.

THINK AHEAD: How to Prevent Your Trip from Going Down in Flames

By following just a few simple rules, adopting some guidelines, doing some research, delegating some duties, and taking formal responsibility, you can rule the world as the Vegas-savvy man-god that you are. Or at least youíll have a much, much better guysí trip to Sin City.

Take Ownership

One of the biggest mistakes that most guys make when they plan a trip to Vegas is that no one is willing to take charge. Who wants to be the hard-ass guy issuing orders and handing out agendas? After all, this isnít some sales meeting of mid level software execs back in Fresno, this is Vegas! You left all that behind, so chill, book a flight and a room, and make the rest up as you go along. Right? Wrong! Donít spend your whole trip to Vegas improvising; youíll wind up wasting a lot of time and money. Somebodyís got to step up, take charge, and get it done. Youíre playing in the major leagues here: Do your line-up card ahead of game time or get ready to have a bench full of pissed-off bonus babies on your hands. No one is saying you should become General Patton barking out orders to your troops, but you should become a project manager. Donít count on one of your friends to step up to the plate and figure some of this stuff out ó do it yourself. Grow a pair and put together a game plan. Youíre the one who was smart enough to pick up this book, so you should be the one to call a few of the shots. Hereís how.