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11/2/08, 4:12 PM
Show Biz Weekly
“Ok guys, you’re in Vegas, and you’re ready to tie on a wild weekend with the boys. Or maybe your best bud’s getting hitched, and you want to be the one to make sue sure he has a party to remember. Well, David deMontmollin and Hiram Tod Norman’s Las Vegas Little Black Book: A Guy’s Guide to the Perfect Vegas Weekend is perhaps your best bet on getting insider’s tips to the perfect guys’ weekend. Whether looking for entertainment, companionship, gambling, nightlife, or sports info, this handy dandy guide can show you the ropes. Now just don’t hang yourself!” - Carla J. Zvosec, 11/6/2005

944 Magazine
“Las Vegas Little Black Book: A Guy’s Guide to the Perfect Vegas Weekend reveals the best places to drink, eat, gamble and pick up women. Co-written by Vegas casino marketing manager and American Casino star David deMontmollin, this is the black book you’ll want to share with the fellas in order to present them with a surefire game plan to beat the odds in Sin City. From the underrated importance of a good center bar in your hotel casino to the best Vegas shows for a group of dudes, Little Black Book is a must for any bachelor excursion that hopes to avoid lapsing into chaos - or worse, a sausage fest.” - Jarret Keene 1/1/2006

Las Vegas Weekly
“You might remember David deMontmollin as the guy from American Casino who tried to create an ultralounge at his Jockey Club apartment. Green Valley Ranch’s marketing manager, he’s also now the author of a book purporting to be A Guy’s Guide to the Vegas Weekend which ironically skips the swank off-Strip property entirely. And you know what, it aint half-bad. It’s actually better than half-bad. A quick perusal turned up good advice, sage tips, and helpful instructions to help man-herds have fun. And we’re saying that even if we do prefer vodka martinis over David’s gin.” - Martin Stein 10/13/2006

All In: The World's Leading Poker Magazine
“Be forewarned: This is not a poker book. Only about three pages of the book are dedicated to the game we love. But if you play poker, then chances are that you make at least the occasional Vegas trip, and this book comes in very handy as a guide to getting the most out of Sin City, from the hotels, to the dining, to the nightlife. If you can’t hire Antonio Esfandiari to lead you around Vegas, this book is the next best thing.” 1/1/2006

Action! Magazine
You might know David as the guy who changed his Las Vegas Strip apartment into a nightclub on the Travel Channel’s reality series American Casino. When David’s not having his life unfold in front of millions every Wednesday at 8pm, he is out hitting the town in Sin City. As a 29-year old bachelor that is a resident of the Las Vegas Strip, it’s his pleasure to know every dealer, chef, waitress, bartender, and exotic dancer and introduce you to them all. Each issue of Action! Magazine, David brings readers into the latest hotspots in Las Vegas and offers insider tips into making the most out of their vacations. His new book, Las Vegas Little Black Book: A Guy’s guide to the perfect Vegas Weekend, is a frank, opinionated, smart and savvy guide to Las Vegas written especially for men. The book takes “man-herds” step by step through the Las Vegas experience, including where to stay, dine, gamble, and party. 11/1/2005

Show Biz Weekly
David deMontmollin is one of the authors of Las Vegas Little Black Book, published this year. It’s subtitled A Guy’s Guide to the Perfect Las Vegas Weekend, and it’s truly a goldmine of information, tips and classic mistakes to avoid.” Q: Febreeze? You really recommend bringing that? A; (He laughs.) So you can cut down on the clothes you bring! Pact light, and just bring a can of Febreeze (a fabric refresher, odor remover). Q: How much green do you need to bring? A: You can have a good time with $300, if that’s all you’ve got. You have to be smart and know what you’re doing, like what is the best time to gamble or how to drink for cheap. Q: If you blow a wad on one thing, what should it be? A: Get a limo bus. It offers a level of maneuverability, an excitement. You meet people, they come into your limo, drink at your bar and the party just goes. Q: What’s the biggest waste of money? A: Rooms with hot tubs. Chicks will laugh when you say you have one. Q: Where’s the value in your book? A: The biggest thing the book provides is no wasted time. When you only have one or two vacations a year, you want to make the most of everything here. Plus, it’s completely unbiased. It’s opinionated, but it’s honest. - Thom Wise 11/20/2005

San Diego Magazine
One of the most frank guidebooks available is Las Vegas Little Black Book: A Guy’s Guide to the Perfect Vegas Weekend (Justin Charles & Co.). Sure, it offers tips on where to eat, stay and gamble. But Little Black Book bends over backward with tips for fellas (sorry, ladies) on draining the most fun out of a guy’s weekend. The pocket-size book is written by Vegas insider David deMontmollin and co-conspirator Hiram Todd Norman. Sprinkled throughout are “Classic Vegas Mistakes” and “If Money Is No Object” sidebars. Two exemplary nuggets: • “You Versus the Buffet. Avoid the soup. You are at a buffet with a thousand other people opening up huge vats of soup. Trust us, the soup sucks.” • “10 Reasons To Avoid Playing Golf. 1. Las Vegas is in the desert. Don’t be fooled by the fountains at Bellagio. You’re in a parched wasteland . . .” - Ron Donoho 1/1/2006

Orlando Sentinel
Viva Las Vegas The image of a neon cowgirl on the cover says it all. If a party is what you're looking for, Las Vegas Little Black Book: A Guy's Guide to the Perfect Vegas Weekend (Justin, Charles & Co.; $11.95) might make the "sin" in Sin City a bit easier to find. This 244-page paperback guide by David deMontmollin and Hiram Todd Norman offers insider advice on accommodations, dining, entertainment, daytime attractions and, of course, gambling and nightlife. It highlights hot spots, shares budget-stretching strategies and warns of "Classic Vegas Mistakes." There are sample itineraries, maps and contact info to boot. 7/2/2006

Penthouse Magazine
Every weekend, thousands of guys screw up their trip to Sin City by hanging out in an overhyped bar or wasting their bills at a lame strip club. Don't be one of those guys. The Black Book offers insider tips on which hotels are worth crashing in, where the hottest women are hiding, and-surprisingly-why getting a two-girl lap dance is a mistake. 12/1/2005

Skylights — The Inflight Magazine of Spirit Airlines
Las Vegas Little Black Book (Justin, Charles & Co., $11.95, paperback) is a guide to a weekend in Sin City just for men — think bachelor party or guys' getaway. Written by David deMontmollin and Hiram Todd Norman, the guide runs down the best places to eat, sleep, gamble and, of course, to find the ladies, all from the perspective of a single guy living the good life on the Vegas Strip. [] - Millie Acebal Rousseau 11/1/2005

Southwest Airlines Spirit Magazine
A Sin City Guide We Love: Las Vegas Little Black Book According to the Las Vegas Little Black Book: A Guy’s Guide to the Perfect Vegas Weekend (Justin, Charles & Co. $11.95) golfing with your buddies in Sin City is a bad, overpriced idea. So is getting a Jacuzzi in your hotel room. What you should do is take a limo from the airport, get a hotel on the Strip — walking can kill you; cabs can bankrupt you — and never, ever invite a guy on the trip who is a downer. One of the two authors is an unmarried party animal who lives right on the Strip, but not all the advice in Little Black Book is for the bachelor party crowd. Who couldn’t use tips on which Vegas show to see, or when to double down at the blackjack table? Besides all that, Little Black Book is a fun read. The next time we hit Vegas, it’s one companion we won’t party without. - P.Z. 10/1/2005

BOOK REVIEW: 'Little Black Book' a guy's guide to Vegas debauchery.
(From University Wire)
Byline: Ryan McAskill

There are few places that guys can get together for a weekend filled with masculine debauchery and no regrets, but there is only one location that has it all: Las Vegas. Planning a Vegas trip with the guys is much more difficult then you may think, especially with so much to do in so little time.

The "Las Vegas Little Black Book: A Guy's Guide to the Perfect Vegas Weekend," is the best way to ensure the ultimate guy's weekend in the daunting mecca that is Vegas. While getting to Las Vegas, finding accommodations, gambling, dining and finding the rights gentlemen's club may seem like something that can easily be done on the fly, doing so will cost you and your guy cohorts valuable time and energy and cause headaches that are not the result of liquor.

While "Little Black Book" is filled with laughs and solid advice for a guy's weekend, it is obviously not for everyone. This book was written for a very specific target audience and those outside of it will not have much use for the "Little Black Book." According to the authors Hiram Todd Norman and David deMontmollin, "Our purpose in writing the "Little Black Book" is to make it easy for you to create the ultimate guy's weekend, to help you avoid the traps that will soak up your time and eat up your wallet, and to ensure you'll leave Vegas with a smile on your face and tales to tell for years to come." With over 240 pages of advice, stories, classic Las Vegas mistakes, recommendations, unscientific rating systems, maps, sample itineraries and reference guides with phone numbers and Web sites, their purpose is easily met and then some.

Norman and deMontmollin bring a unique style to the book that is not seen in a typical travel guide. Written like a conversation between Vegas veterans, "Little Black Book" is a quick read that disperses valuable nuggets of advice for maximizing debauchery and minimizing the headache of directionless wondering that can ruin a night.

Shelling out advice like Las Vegas insiders, Norman and deMontmollin, prove they know what they are talking about. The Vegas strip is home to deMontmollin. He was the marketing manager for Vegas's Green Valley Ranch and Casino and was featured on the Travel Channel's reality TV show "American Casino." Currently he is the marketing manager of the new Hooters Hotel and Casino.

"This book has changed many people's view of Vegas," deMontmollin said.

"Little Black Book," is broken into three sections which focus on "the three phase of your trip: Planning, executing and remembering." Starting right where you and your mates start, pre-Vegas, the book explains why preparation is key to upgrading your Vegas trip from good to great. Even before entering Vegas, "Little Black Book" tackles 10 of the most common Vegas myths including "Getting Around. It's Easy to Get There from Here," "Hotels. You Just Need a Room, It Doesn't Matter Where" and "Comps: Everyone Gets 'Em." With so many options, it is nearly impossible for a Vegas newcomer to go into planning without a solid game plan, which is why the meat of "Little Black Book" is part two, "Viva Las Vegas." With six chapters and 176 pages dedicated to accommodations, dining, gambling, daytime, nighttime and gentlemen's clubs, no aspect of a guy's weekend is left unexamined.

Each chapter gives numerous recommendations and ratings based on what you and your crew may be looking for. Every decision can become disastrous if not properly researched.

There are a variety of smaller things that most guys don't think about when they decide to head to Vegas.

Are you looking for an adrenaline rush of a weekend or do you want to experience old-school Vegas Rat Pack style? Do you plan on doing your fair share of sports betting? Why should a group of guys avoid the nightclubs and stick to the bars? How much time will you really spend in your hotel room? How important is sleep and the daytime hours? Are all lap dances created equal? Each of these questions and many more are tackled and discussed.

The mystique of Vegas lays with the Vegas stories that you are sure to have after returning home. "Little Black Book" even has advice to make your tale the best it can possible be, ensuring your jealous friends will be hanging on every word.

As with any book regarding a travel destination, there is the problem that it can become outdated. Since its release in 2005, some of the bars and gentlemen's clubs have closed or been renamed. Not to fear, however, as the inside Vegas help goes far beyond the pages of "Little Black Book." Sporting both a Web site and a page, fans are kept up-to-date with changes to make the ultimate guy's weekend even more enjoyable.

The help doesn't stop there either, on the website deMontmollin left this post on the blog when he changes jobs to the Hooters Hotel, "Now that I am in charge of marketing, I am offering all 'Little Black Book' readers my power to get you good deals. If you are planning a trip, or already have a trip planned and want to stay at Hooters, I will do my very best to hook you up with good rates, comps, bikini contests, what ever... E-mail me at work Let me know how many rooms you are looking for, what dates and anything special you are trying to plan." "Little Black Book" is written, as the title suggests, as a weekend guide for guys. Those looking to have a romantic getaway with a significant other or a family vacation should not pick up this book. In fact if you are a guy planning a Vegas weekend with the boys, whatever you do, do not let your girlfriend get a hold of it. Don't feel left out ladies as the "Las Vegas Little Red Book: A Girl's Guide to the Perfect Vegas Weekend," is in stores now.