Las Vegas Little Black Book Blog
- Looking for Writers 
11/30/08, 5:00 PM
We're expanding the Little Black Book to other cities. We are looking for writers to partner with. You don't have to be a published author. This is not about just writing a book, this is about becoming the de-facto expert for men in your city. This is also about creating a network of savvy men that give frank opinionated travel advice.

1) Know the city well with the ability to logically explain why a place is good for men.
2) Have some of "PR Spin" to you. For example, why are you an expert in your city?
3) Is an entrepreneur and has business skills to market on-line.

What is in it for you:
1) 50-50 split on profit from book sales.
2) Becoming a travel writer where businesses will invite you to stay, eat, drink and party for free in exchange for a write up.
3) Fame as an expert in your city: Being quoted in magazines, radio interviews, etc.
3) Save money on taxes: The ability to write off meals and entertainment as business expenses.
4) Being part of a something that could grow big.
5) Becoming a published author
6) A platform to spin off other books or businesses

You don't have to live in the one of the major cities - we are also looking to expand in mid-size cities with tourism. Places like Memphis, Louisville, Gatlinburg, Key West, and Lake Tahoe work too.

If you are interested in becoming the point person for your city, please email Please tell us about yourself.